The Truth About Alcohol and Sleep

Many people believe having a drink will help them sleep better. Insomnia is a common problem and alcohol can help people fall asleep quicker. On the surface this sounds great but what does alcohol REALLY do to one’s sleep? Shall we stop prescribing sleep aids and recommend everyone have a few shots of liquor instead? Read here to learn more about the side effects of alcohol and if alcohol and insomnia are related. Does alcohol cause insomnia? If you are wondering how to sleep better and feel fresh the next day you may need to skip that cocktail with dinner. read more

Coffee before bedtime? How does caffeine affect sleep?

How does caffeine affect sleep?

Sleep aids are a necessary part of treatment for many people suffering from insomnia. However, sometimes it may be as simple as altering the time of caffeine consumption to treat sleep issues. Although it tastes great there are side effects of caffeine. How does caffeine affect sleep? Caffeine significantly diminishes sleep quality and quantity. It takes longer to fall asleep and there is less restorative, deep sleep. Read more to learn about the relationship between caffeine and sleep.

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