10 Children’s Picture Books that Celebrate Gender Diversity

One of my most important jobs as a parent is to allow my children to have the freedom to discover and be their true selves. I want them to find their passions, inner drive, believe in themselves, and have the resilience to keep moving forward despite the natural adversity life presents. I believe it is important to surround children with love and acceptance from the start and the rest of their lives will fall into place from there. What career they ultimately chose is far secondary to the importance of how they feel about their life and themselves. Part of how I do this is to make sure we incorporate books in the house that celebrate diversity and present many different role models of people being who they are and standing up for what they believe in. Here are my recommendations and reviews for 10 children’s picture books that we have read that celebrate gender diversity in children and encourage children’s play free from gender role stereotypes. read more

Top Books on Executive Functioning Disorder

The last 2 posts I wrote are geared to empower people to take charge of their executive function skills (or help guide their loved one to do the same). In this post, I will cover my top recommendations for books to increase executive functioning strategies. Books on executive functioning disorder can provide new ideas for how to work more efficiently, effectively and make navigating life easier. This post includes recommendations for executive functioning books targeting 4 different groups: adults, parents, teens, and children. read more

Kids with ADHD: A 10-year-old’s experience


Lots of people in this world have ADHD. For one, I have it. I am 10 years old and I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 8. I am in 4th grade now. In 3rd grade, I started to take medication for ADHD. Kids with ADHD are everywhere!

When I was first diagnosed with ADHD I was nervous because I didn’t understand what it meant. Now I know it is just the way my brain works and I need a little extra help to be able to focus and make good decisions. read more

Top 10 books about ADHD

I’m frequently asked about what books I recommended on different mental health topics so I decided to compile a list of these books on my website. In this post, I will highlight my recommendations for the best ADHD books. There are many great ADHD books written but these are some of my favorites. These books about ADHD will benefit parents trying to help their children understand the diagnosis, couples struggling in their relationship because of the effects of ADHD, and adults with ADHD wanting to learn about executive dysfunction and be more aware of the ways ADHD has affected their lives. read more