Connecticut Psychiatrist – Dr. Melissa Welby – Milford and Fairfield

Dr. Melissa Welby is passionate about improving people’s mental health, whether through one-on-one treatment, writing, advocating, or speaking. She is an experienced, caring, and effective psychiatrist who believes there is no true health without mental health.

Psychiatric treatment:

She is an accurate diagnostician and skilled therapist with extensive knowledge of mental health treatments, who believes care is optimized when there is a partnership between the patient and the physician. Her specialties include treating depression, anxiety, adult attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, and college mental health.


Dr. Welby has a goal to help the world take charge of their mental health. Depending on a person’s circumstances, it may be challenging to access care from a psychiatric physician. Her mission is to make the information her patients benefit from available to anyone who needs it. She does this through her blog, which empowers through education and provides the tools needed to inspire action and change. Take charge of your health and sign up here to receive Dr. Welby’s newsletter.

Mental health and physician advocate:

In addition to her writings, she advocates for her patients and her profession as President of the Connecticut Psychiatric Society (2017-2018) and President of the Fairfield/Litchfield County Psychiatric Society (2014-present). In 2019 she was honored to receive the Cornelis Boelhower Distinguished Service Award from the Connecticut Psychiatric Society.

Physician speaker:

Whether it’s testifying in the legislature, teaching physicians about the benefits of telepsychiatry and how to use social media to amplify healthcare and contribute to global wellness, or delivering motivating and thought-provoking talks to non-medical audiences, private groups, or college students, Dr. Welby has the ability to connect with her audience. She has a talent for translating medical information into relatable content meant to inspire action, reduce stigma, and empower individuals to take charge of their health. Reach out to inquire about having Dr. Welby speak at your event.