Will a Prescription Monitoring Program Help Combat Addiction?

Up until recently, doctors had no reliable way of knowing what controlled substance medication patients were filling and if the patient was “doctor shopping”. Diverted prescription medications flowed into communities contributing to the problem of prescription medication abuse. The DEA … read more

Anxiety: The Best Websites, Books, and Apps to Treat it

Looking for excellent self-help resources for children and adults to learn additional ways to deal with anxiety? Here is a list of some of the best anxiety books, websites and apps available.


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3 New Year’s Resolutions to Benefit Your Mental Health

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Sleep and aging: What happens to our sleep and how to make it better

Oh, the joys of aging!

Older individuals frequently have sleep problems. The amount of sleep people need (and the quality of sleep) changes over a lifetime.  Sleep may be affected by genetics, mental health, and physical health. These changes can … read more

Winter blues? Light therapy can help!

Seasonal Affective Disorder typically occurs in the fall and winter with a remission in spring and summer. About 5% of the US population experiences seasonal affective disorder with symptoms that last approximately 40% of the year. It is more common … read more

Benzodiazepines: Do They Treat Anxiety?

Are benzodiazepines a quick fix or a long-term problem? They are frequently used as an anxiety treatment but have the potential for benzodiazepine side effects and withdrawal.  Learn more about when it may be reasonable to use a benzodiazepine and … read more