Pulling weeds and psychotherapy: What do self-exploration, self-discovery, and gardening have in common?

As winter dredges on I find myself beginning to think about spring and the joys of planting a garden. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, where life grows out of everything that appears dead. Buds pop from the clusters of sticks that are my hydrangea plants, and sprouts come out from the soil where bulbs have been waiting to give life. It’s a time full of hope, renewal, and opportunities for positive growth. Reflecting on the wonders of spring got me thinking about how psychotherapy works and the growth opportunities that emerge from both. The fresh start of spring parallels the opportunities for positive growth and self-exploration we have in our own lives: rejuvenation, inspiration, self-discovery, and beauty. The roots of psychotherapy are wrapped up in the basics of gardening. read more