48 of the Best Resources to Help with Overcoming Anxiety (Includes Help with Anxiety for Adults and Children!)

Get help with anxiety. 48 recommendations for treatment of anxiety: apps, websites, and books on overcoming anxiety. Recovering from anxiety is possible!

Anxiety is a treatable condition. Depending on the intensity, some people can get better on their own and others need therapy and/or medications to help with anxiety. Either way, recovering from anxiety is possible! There are great self-help options available to assist with the treatment of anxiety which includes websites, apps, and books on overcoming anxiety.


I compiled a list of 48 of my favorite anxiety resources that are full of information for both adults and children. Get your list here:


Imagine what life would be like without anxiety. Would you do things differently?

If you got help with anxiety would you:

  • Pursue different careers or hobbies?
  • Try to get that promotion you deserve even if it requires travel and public speaking?
  • Fly in a plane or go back to school to complete your degree?
  • Drive on the highway so you can take road trips?
  • Say yes to that party at your friends’ house? Or to a work gathering?
  • Go to a store instead of ordering everything online?
  • Have some peace of mind?
  • Fall asleep easier and wake up without fear?

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety can be healthy and normal. It’s a motivator and is our body’s way to remind us we need to pay attention. If we are anxious about something we may try harder to be prepared. Anxiety can be a helpful tool for our success and survival.


But sometimes anxiety stops being helpful and starts to run the show. It becomes so powerful anxious feelings are overvalued and evidence that might contradict worry thoughts is ignored. Naturally, the tendency is to avoid the things that feel unpleasant yet once the avoidance cycle starts anxiety has the upper hand.


Anxiety can be a helpful signal and enhance your life, but it is a problem when it begins to rule decisions. Get help with anxiety so you can stop responding to fears and worries in ways that end up making it worse.

Treatment of Anxiety

Here is my comprehensive list of recommended treatment options for children and adults, including websites, apps, and books on overcoming anxiety. It includes 48 different resources to get you recovering from anxiety so you can take back control of your life.


Download this resources list to help you get started overcoming anxiety now!


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