6 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing an Antidepressant

Which antidepressant is right for me? Sometimes we can figure out what is the best antidepressant just by asking the right questions. Before choosing an antidepressant, I think about these 6 questions with my patients. We can frequently narrow down the choices so we know which antidepressant to try first.

If you are considering starting an antidepressant, make sure to read my last post on common side effects of antidepressants, how long the side effects will last, and tips for how to deal with side effects. My next post talks about what to expect for a treatment response from antidepressants (ie the important question of “When will I feel better?”) read more

8 Facts About Common Side Effects of Antidepressants

It’s important to know what to expect when starting on an antidepressant and to be aware of common side effects of antidepressants. Most commonly, antidepressant side effects happen when a medication is started. With antidepressants side effects are usually manageable and time-limited.

I find when people are aware of potential side effects and how long they may last, they are more tolerant of transitional discomfort while their body gets used to the medicine. If people aren’t aware of the common side effects of antidepressants they may stop the medication assuming they don’t tolerate it. read more

11 Effective Interventions for Depression

Are you looking for ideas how to beat depression? There are many interventions for depression that can help. Don’t let your brain trick you into thinking it will never get better and that you will always feel this bad. This isn’t true! You may not believe me but I see people get better all the time! Instead of staying in bed or giving up, incorporate these treatment tools for depression and start on your path to recovery. The more you use coping strategies for depression the quicker you will feel better. read more

30 Healing Mantras For Depression

Our thoughts help shape how we feel. Depression can cloud people’s outlook with negative thoughts that focus on everything that feels wrong. When thoughts are shifted toward the positive, outlooks change and the light can start to shine through. Postive, healing mantras can be used as one tool to help fight off depression and shift thinking patterns. Powerful mantras can help turn thinking around. This post includes 30 mantra examples to get you started. When you catch yourself in the spiral of gloom and projection- fight back by using mantras for depression. Pick a couple of healing mantras that resonate and use them throughout the day. It takes daily mantras for positive thinking to begin to emerge. read more

3 Tips For Exercise: How to Stay Motivated when Depressed

In the last 2 posts about exercise and depression, I discussed how to help depression. We talked about how exercise helps depression, why it’s important to exercise even if you take an antidepressant, and how to create a plan with achievable goals that are broken down into smaller action steps. Now its time to think about how to stay motivated when depressed. The motivation for exercise doesn’t come easily to many people. It is hard to get started with exercise but it also can be hard to keep going. Old habits can creep back in try to slow down your progress. Learn how to overcome depression and stay well. read more

Exercise and Depression: How to get started when you want to stay in bed

In the last post about exercise and depression, I discussed the benefits of exercise on depression and why it is worth it to push yourself even when you have no energy. Exercise helps with overcoming depression but are you wondering how to get motivated when you are depressed? Depression can make it hard to get out of bed, brush your teeth and get dressed. Daily functioning can feel like a chore and even routine activities can feel completely overwhelming. Getting to work each day can feel monumental. And now you want me to exercise to help conquer depression?!! read more

Treating Depression with Exercise

Exercise isn’t just about physical fitness. It also benefits your mental health! Research supports the link between depression and exercise. Even 1 hour of exercise per week can be effective in helping you overcome depression. Learn how to increase your chance of success by treating depression with exercise and set yourself up for brighter days ahead. Get started and work to overcome depression today!

I am going to break this topic into 3 posts:

  1. This 1st post discusses the benefits of treating depression with exercise and why it’s important even if you start an antidepressant.
  2. The 2nd post will help you set achievable goals that will increase your chance to feel positive and get started with your plan.
  3. In the 3rd post, we will discuss how to maintain your goals with 3 tips to make it easier to stay on track exercising to overcome depression.

read more

Seasonal Affective Disorder? Light therapy can help!

Seasonal Affective Disorder typically occurs in the fall and winter with a remission in spring and summer. People with Seasonal Affective Disorder have symptoms of depression that follow a seasonal pattern. The depression can be significantly impairing even if it doesn’t last all year long. Light therapy can be very helpful. There are various options for different lights for Seasonal Affective Disorder treatment.

About 5% of the US population experiences Seasonal Affective Disorder with symptoms that last approximately 40% of the year. It is more common in females than males (4:1) and often happens in women of childbearing age. read more